e-EAV - Media Literacy modules for teachers and educators

In order to promote awareness about the mechanisms occurring between media, populism and discrimination, five main media literacy topics are designed for the teachers/educators.

  1. Module 1 : Information Reception and Production
  2. Module 2 : Audio-visual Fictions and Ideologies
  3. Module 3 : Videogames and citizenship
  4. Module 4 : Political Communication and Propaganda
  5. Module 5 : Online Activism & Networking

Each module includes 10 units: five developed analysis mechanisms, the other five focused on media messages production. The final goal is about developing skills for adopting critical point of view about media, populism and discrimination and for acting against.

Inside each module, the units first provide theory and examples, and then invite teachers and educators to apply grid of analysis or to adopt production mechanisms. Each unit is about 2 hours.